Tips for a happy marriage go a long way in ensuring that a couple connects with each other for the longest time possible. The love between them should grow with every passing day and never fizzle out.

I’ve been a happy marriage from the last many years now. I’ve invested a lot of time and feelings in my relationship and the results are surely promising.

In the current blog, I would love to share my happy marriage tips with all you lovely people out there. My intent is for you to grow fond of each other as a couple and develop mutual respect.

43 Powerful Tips for a Happy Marriage

A lasting marriage takes time, effort and lots of understanding. Doing your bit each day will add up to your wealth of happiness in a marriage. Maybe, go through some Biblical verses to remind you of all the vows you took.

1.Communicate how you feel daily 

One of the first and most essential tips for a happy marriage is to communicate as a couple more often. The more you speak with each other, the more you will know each other better. 

Letting your partner know the exact feelings inside you will always keep you light. And your marriage will never go for a toss.

Tips for a happy marriage

2.Be assertive about having boundaries

Every individual ought to have certain defined boundaries. And so your partner cannot be an exception. Learn to respect your partner’s boundaries. Be it emotional boundaries or physical boundaries, just respect them with grace.

3. Be a damn good listener

In a marriage, it is important that you listen to your partner genuinely as much as you communicate your own feelings. Listening to your better half will help you connect more deeply.

And make sure that you are listening to your partner without any ill intent and being a part of the problem solving process.

Tips for a happy marriage

4. Indulge in hobbies that detox your brain

Look for common hobbies that detox the brain. How about reading a wonderful book that gives you lessons from history of mankind or a classic Greek play to help you get the best of your aesthetic senses.

Did you know that an everyday activity like cooking can detox the brain. In fact, it works in a therapeutic way for people when done from the heart and this is proven by Cognitive Psychologists.  

5. Set that wicked ego aside

Egos kill more marriages than any other factor. Hence, one of the crucial tips for a happy marriage is to keep your wicket ego aside.

I call it wicked because it will destroy both your marriage as well as your own being. Instead, develop an attitude whereby you stay positive and offer fixes.

Tips for a happy marriage

6. Never ever take your partner for granted

Come what may, never ever take your partner for granted. Like never ever. Your partner isn’t a puppet or a slave that he/she do all that you wish.

Your partner needs your love, respect and admiration for all that they do for you and for the family overall. The day you take your partner for granted is the day when your marriage will start falling apart.

7. Do not draw comparisons

One of the worst traits in couples are drawing comparisons of their partners to other people. This is ridiculous and childish in so many ways. 

Comparing your wife to a beautiful woman you saw online or comparing your husband to a handsome man online is just plain stupid. 

Tips for a happy marriage

8. Defeat envy in a relationship

Envy is present in mankind since times immemorial. And to be envious is ok. However to allow that envy to become so big that it wrecks your partner and your marriage is never ok.

Remember, if you are envious of anything or anyone, then you surely are battling an inferiority complex issue. Hence, that ‘anything’ or ‘anyone’ is actually better than you. Learn to accept reality and not get jealous.

9. Openly appreciate your better half

One of the most humbling qualities in happy couples is the ability to appreciate their partners openly – in front of friends, loved ones and even close family members.

As a team, you should be a part of a mutual admiration club where you uplift each other’s spirits and stand for each other no matter what.

Tips for a happy marriage

10. Become your partner’s wings

You must have heard of people becoming the wind beneath your partner’s wings. I am telling you be those wings itself and fly together.

A couple that grows together ends up respecting each other way more than a couple that uses each other only for materialistic needs.

11. Never fake feelings of intimacy

Never ever fake any feelings of intimacy. If you do so, you are not just fooling your partner but your own self as well. This can lead to disrupting your hormones which can in turn cause major changes in the body.

Instead, act mature and tell your partner exactly how you feel while being intimate.

Tips for a happy marriage

12. Don’t allow stereotypes to define you

Whether you are a man or a woman, stop allowing societal stereotypes to define you. Do not end up being a victim of patriarchy. Else, you will burn yourself out trying to get approval from others around.

Stereotypes were always meant to control the masses in terms on behaviour and culture. And so, it’s about time that you stop internalising them. They won’t benefit you rather they will ruin your marriage.

13. Go the extra mile to find time for each other

No matter how tough your schedule is and no matter how many social obligations you have, the one aspect you should surely prioritise is making quality time for each other.

A couple that spends more happy time with each other stays together for sure.

Tips for a happy marriage

14. Stop expecting your partner to be a super human

Each human being has their own set of qualities as well as shortcomings. A mixture of both helps us improve ourselves. And so to expect your partner to be super human is just not fair.

Perfection is a myth. We humans weren’t meant to be perfect. We are meant to be compassionate and empathetic.

15. Never be a victim of your comfort zone

Couples usually start getting too comfortable around each other. This implies that they stop working on their relationship and marriage.

Remember, marriage is a fragile bond if you don’t take care of it and so always step outside your comfort zone every once in a while.

Happy Marriage

16. Work on your personality constantly

Working on your personality is one of the important tips for a happy marriage. Personality isn’t just how you look. It is your entire persona. Transform yourself as a person.

Be better at skills, at relationships and just in loving yourself. Getting too comfortable with your existing personality isn’t good. It’s a classic comfort zone trap.

17. Trust your eyes and not just your ears

Do not allow your ears to dominate over your eyes. What I imply when I say this is that just because you get to hear something negative from your own eyes does not mean that your partner is in the wrong.

Either see things for yourself alone or stop mistrusting your partner.

Happy Marriage Tips

18. Cook dishes for each other

Normalise cooking in your household. No matter how busy you are, cook for each other every once in a while. Indulge in things like baking choco chip cookies or serving peri-peri fries or simply making a love smoothie.

Even the smallest gestures involving cookies does wonders for your palate. And once your palate is happy, you end up being joyous as a person. I mean which couple doesn’t like good food ? Right.

19. Read good books together

Take out time for reading together. Reading good books isn’t just required for feeding your brain bit will also add more perspective to your life.

Two books that I suggest to every couple are Love Boosters for a Happy Marriage and Leaving and Cleaving. Do read them.

Happy Marriage Tips

20. Give handmade gifts to each other

This is a world where DIY is fast getting traction. DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself. So as a couple invest time in making handmade gifts for each other on special occasions.

Even wrapping a red ribbon around a white rose will be seen by your partner as being so so beautiful. Personalise gifts and make an endeavour to craft them yourself.

21. Don’t become a ‘Know it All’

One of the crucial tips for a happy marriage is to never end up being a ‘know it all. As a team, both of you should contribute to each other’s growth.

And hence, if you constantly boost about all that you know, you will unknowingly make your partner feel less capable. This should be avoided.

Happy Marriage Tips

22. Solve issues privately

Every couple has occasional tiffs and misunderstandings. And that is quite alright. What isn’t ok is to share them with everybody and thereby betray your partner. 

Stop solving issues publicly. Be evolved enough to discuss them privately and then solve them well.

23. Overcome Trust Issues

Please, please overcome any kind of trust issues. They will play a havoc in your married life. Anything that bothers you should be brought up straight to the fore.

Do not burn yourself out with non-essential issues of trust. They are just not needed.

Happy Marriage Tips

24. Do not allow outsiders to create a wedge

In a marriage, anybody except for you two is an outsider. And so do not allow people to create a wedge between you two. 

As a couple your faith in each other should be so strong that nobody can ever make you distant from one another. Always back your partner. Always.

25. Understand each other’s jobs

As a couple, you should understand each other’s job well. Rather than taking your partner’s job as easy, it is better to understand the nature of work and provide a kind word or two.

If your partner works at home or from home, even then by all means, respect your partner. Remember, making a living is hard for anyone and not just you.

Happy Marriage Tips

26. Stop scrolling through social media endlessly

Instead of scrolling social media endlessly and wasting an enormous amount of time, it is so much better to talk to your partner and discuss meaningful things.

Social media will not only eat into your quality time but also create an hormonal imbalance that will in turn wreck your marriage since you’ll have constant mood swings.

27. Sleep at the same time

One of the rarely discussed but extremely effective tips for a happy marriage is to always go to bed together. Your sleep cycles should sync with each other naturally.

A couple that sleeps together stays happy together.

Happy Marriage Tips

28. Look for activities that you can do together

Look constantly for activities that you can do together. Join a dance class or hit the gym or attend pottery classes learn a new sport or even go for Bible reading together.

There are endless activities in the world that you should most certainly try with each other.

29. Eat at least two meals a day together

Prioritise eating at least two meals together each day. This includes even the busiest working days.

Breakfast and dinner should be enjoyed together. Find joy in eating together and own that time for yourselves.

Happy Marriage Tips

30. Say ‘Thank You’ more often

Saying out, “Thank You” loudly and more often to each other will bring about more positivity in a relationship. It will remind your partner that you’re not taking their love and kindness for granted.

Every gesture is to be appreciated and thanked for in person. If you feel that you own your partner and don’t owe a ‘Thank you’ then you will end up being responsible in digging a hole in your marriage.

31. Travel together as a couple

Every once in a while, take out the time to travel together. Go near or travel far but do take those fun trips together. You can open a separate travel fund so that you have expenses covered.

One of the easiest and money saving ways to travel is to go backpacking together. Make budget travel the norm. As per Budget Wayfarers, one should become a traveller and not a tourist. 

Happy Marriage Tips

 32.Do not pit your partner against your parents

You should know that everybody’s background is different. And hence, it is common to have cultural and behavioural differences amongst yourselves as a couple.

However, never ever pit your partner against your parents. You will alienate her or him this way and thereby create a discord in your married life.

 33. Battle those self esteem issues

It’s ok to be low or average on self esteem, given that most individuals have a baggage from childhood. However, over time you will have to learn to build that lost self esteem.

If you allow low self esteem to dominate you, it will most certainly cause a havoc in your marriage. And then it will be too late to forge any bonds.

Happy marriage tips

34. Be mindful of each others’ needs

Mindfulness is a beautiful quality. But sadly not many couples tend to possess it in this digital day and age. However, I highly insist that you strive to achieve it.

Mindfulness of each others needs is an amazing feeling in a marriage. Nothing can feel better than fulfilling your partners needs without him/her having to tell about them all the time.

35.Share and care

Sharing is a magical quality and when couples possess it, beautiful things happen in their relationship.

Sharing not just things but moments ought to provide a healing touch. The more you share, the more you will end up caring for each other.

Happy marriage tips

36. Stop impressing in laws at the stake of your identity

I cannot stress on this point enough. One of the most powerful tips for a happy marriage is to be exactly as you are as a person in front of your in-laws.

If you feel that by changing yourself, you will impress your in-laws, you’re heading for trouble. Reason being, that you will lose your identity forever.

37.  Make love to each other more often

Physical intimacy is a bedrock of any marital relationship. In these busy lives, we tend to take this for granted. But it is never a good thing in a marriage.

Go to bed early and spend moments of intimacy more often. Intimacy doesn’t just imply physical love. It implies closeness to each other emotionally as well.

Happy Marriage Tips

38.  Respect each other’s privacy

If you’re one of those people who has the constant need to snoop over each other’s phone or laptops, you’re an insecure person. And this insecurity will be the beginning of a long lasting discord.

So, overcome insecurity and start to respect your partner’s privacy. It is a much needed quality in a marriage.

39.  Discuss parenting in advance

As a couple, you are never to force your will of having a child or not having a child on your partner. Parenting is a new and beautiful phase of life but only if both of you are on the same page.

By imposing your views of parenting and forcing your partner to hop on board as a parent will do you no good. Have children only when both of you are ready.

Happy Marriage Tips

40.Don’t judge each other

Judging your partner for a trait, habit or feeling is the worst thing you can do to him or her.

Instead of judging, how about letting your partner feel how you perceive that trait, habit or feeling ? Invest time in understanding each other and not demeaning one another.

41.Trust yourself to be good enough

A lot of people keep talking about trusting your partner. And you should surely trust but not just your partner even your own self. 

The more you trust yourself in a relationship, the stronger will be your marital bliss. A secure and trusting partner who also has faith in themselves leads the way to a happy union.

Happy Marriage Tips

42.Be as objective as possible

Learn to call a spade a spade in marriage. Sugarcoating will never help you in a marriage. What will help is being objective and honest.

Do not allow the comfort of one false sugarcoated moment to ruin your happiness. It’s ok if your partner has a hard time listening to the truth. But eventually, your partner’s respect will only grow for you.

43.Bring out the best version of each other

Remember that a married couple ought to be a team that brings out the best in each other. Fulfil gaps in a marriage, bridge all emotional holes, be each other’s support system. 

Only by investing in yourself and in your partner, will you be able to bring out the best version of each other.

I hope that my tips for a happy marriage shared in this blog help you forge bonds in your relationship. I’ve been practising them from the past many years and have built a successful relationship. I hope my tips help all you lovely people as well.

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