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Divya Dainika

The Story

Divya Dainika is a blog and personal journal dedicated to happy and practical narration of everyday aspects that impact women and men. It is a reflection of all things meaningful and a collection of solution based posts that will impact people strongly and positively.

Deconstructing Divya Dainika


The phrase Divya Dainika is a combination of two Hindi words – Divya and Dainika. Divya in Hindi language means divine luster and Dainika implies a Daily or a Journal. Hence, Divya Dainika is a personal journal aiming to bring out the divine strength in you.

Happiness Endeavor


Providing access to happy reads

Helping you bring the best in you

Assisting you in imbibing positivity


Making a connect with millions

Sharing advice to help you heal

Bridging more and more human gaps

Hearing your tale and publishing you


Spreading happy vibes around

Building a thriving cheerful community

Pursuing Happiness

Divya Dainika believes in bringing out the strongest yet hidden aspects of human pysche to the frontline of daily events that impact people. A blog invested in motivating and inspiring people to understand & connect with their hidden potential is the need of our times.

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