About Me

Hi. My name is Divya Arvind Patel. I’m the happy Founder & Chief Editor of Divya Dainika. My blog is a reflection of my experienced stance on marriages, relationships and the pursuit of happiness based on my own life’s learning and events.


My Story

I hail from the western state of Gujarat in India. I have been married for a few years now and am in a happy union of marriage. However, I’ve had my own share of strives as a woman who has been up against the stereotypes of society.

I have invested my life into becoming the most true version of myself and not losing my identity to the conforming tropes of society. As a woman, I refuse to give in to patriarchy. I was, am and will be a free individual and choose my freedom over fear.

Blogging is my passion and  I am a bi-lingual Blogger in two languages – English and Hindi. My current blog is meant to reverberate the feelings of millions across the globe who find it hard to share their inner voice.

Writing Accolades

I have invested myself in writing and blogging from the past many years. During my journey, I’ve picked up a few accolades that make me happy.

My Books

I have authored 3 indepedent books.

On a Mission

As a woman and as a Blogger, I am on a mission to reach out to more people around the globe, connect with them through my writings and help them share their own voice.  Every stance counts and every voice ought to be heard well.

Internal healing begins with the transformation of the self and the psyche. I intend to use my own life’s experiences to help individuals stand for themselves, embrace happiness and heal inside out.


Reassuring Testimonials

Divya is a very honest, kind-hearted and fearless woman I have ever met in my life. She writes incredibly impactful content that inspires me and many readers. Wishing more power to your pen Divya. 

- Poorvi Tiwari

DIY Jewellery Blogger

Divya is an extremely capable, talented, hardworking and inspiring woman. She is not only a passionate writer but a very adept Blogger. It has been my absolute honour to help her create this website.

- Akriti MATTU

Founder at Budget Wayfarers

Divya is a talented writer with excellent storytelling skills. The best part is her spirit of never giving up. She has turned her personal struggles into winning stories and her achievements into inspiration. 

- Shiny Hoque

Community Manager at Sheroes

The Emancipation Graffiti

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